MPhy8147 - Advanced Physics of MRI

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Advanced Physics of MRI is a graduate/undergraduate senior level course that teaches the principles of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as used in biomedical research and clinical radiology. Students will learn about nuclear spin, radiofrequency pulses, spatial encoding, digital signal acquisition and processing, image reconstruction, image contrast, and advanced pulse sequences. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS), as used to measure metabolism in living systems, will also be covered. The course will include several guest lectures covering many of the specialized uses of MRI and MRS in biomedicine, including fMRI, diffusion imaging, and quantifying metabolite concentrations. Students will gain laboratory experience in acquiring MR images and spectra using one of the MRI scanners at the CMRR. There will also be a project, for which each student will select a landmark paper in MR to investigate and present to the class in a 15-minutes presentation. 


  • First class: January 17, 2017
  • Please contact the Course Director if you have any questions