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The Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, biomedical research using ultrahigh field magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.

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Human Connectome Project - Mapping the Human Brain


The Human Connectome Project, or HCP, has brought the combined brainpower of 36 investigators — including six from the University of Minnesota —from 11 different institutions to bear on the challenges of understanding the human brain. Now just past the midpoint, the five-year, $30 million research effort is mapping the vast network of neurons and the trillions of interconnections that compose this elaborate organ.


CMRR Technology Advances Treatment of Movement Disorders

Sept 9, 2014 Noam Harel, PhD. is part of a multidisciplinary team harnessing the power of CMRR 7T technology to improve the surgical treatment of patients with movement disorders.


SWIFT MRI helps find cancer needle in a haystack

September 4, 2014 According to Curtis Corum, Ph.D., assistant professor of radiology in CMRR, finding small tumors can be like finding needles in a haystack.


CMRR's Christophe Lenglet gives TedxUMN Talk

On April 27, 2014, Christophe Lenglet gave a thought-provoking talk at TEDxUMN on brain mapping and the application to ataxia research.


Prof. Ugurbil Receives the Richard R. Ernst Medal

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May 20th, 2014 — Prof. Kamil Ugurbil received the prestigous Richard R. Ernst Medal today during the Richard R. Ernst Lecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. This medal is awarded annually to a person who has significantly contributed to strengthening the relationship and understanding between the sciences, society, and politics.

Watch the full ceremony and speech here.


University of Minnesota tackles Friedreich’s ataxia, a progressive neurological condition

July 16, 2014 The University of Minnesota is pushing research efforts forward against the progressive neurological condition, Friedreich’s ataxia (FA) after receiving $150,000 in new funding from the Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA), GoFAR, and Ataxia U.K.


In the US, at the University of Minnesota, Drs Christophe Lenglet and Pierre-Gilles Henry are using a different approach to developing sensitive measures of brain and spinal cord degeneration.


Dr. Ugurbil to receive the Richard R. Ernst Medal

April 21st, 2014 — On May 20, 2014, Dr. Ugurbil will receive the Richard R. Ernst Medal during the Richard R. Ernst Lecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. This Medal is awarded annually to a person who has significantly contributed to strengthening the relationship and understanding between the sciences, society and politics. Former Medal recipients include Kofi Annan, Sir Roger Penrose, Dr. Ahmed Zewail and Dr. Ernst Ludwig Winnacker.


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Time-lapse video of 10.5T delivery

Dec 31, 2013 Academic Health Center's time-lapse video of the 10.5T delivery, with comments by CMRR Director Dr. Kamil Ugurbil.

New 10.5T Magnet Delivered

December 7-8, 2013 The new 10.5T magnet was delivered to the CMRR this weekend. It was shipped to Duluth via the Great Lakes, then loaded onto a two-truck trailer. The magnet arrived Friday evening, and was unloaded and moved inside the CMRR on Saturday. The 110-ton instrument contains 720 miles of winding and weighs as much as a railroad locomotive and more than twice as much as a Boeing 737 airliner.


Kamil Ugurbil with 10.5T

Minnesota Daily Article on 10.5T Magnet

November 12, 2013
Read the Minnesota Daily student-produced newspaper article on the event from the November 12, 2013 edition.

CMRR High-Field Workshop 2013

The CMRR held their 9th biennial workshop on October 11-13, 2013. Focused on emerging scientific advances in magnetic resonance imaging, the workshop attracted over 120 participants from across the globe. A two-day hands-on training experience preceded the workshop and was focused on providing detailing training on spectroscopy, functional MRI and connectivity. Included in this training were advanced techniques such as Multiband, DWI, BOLD, Diffusion and GLM.


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Transforming Islet Transplantation

Oct 2, 2013 Thanks to funding from the Schott Family Foundation, Klearchos Papas, Ph.D. and Michael Garwood, Ph.D. are working to miniaturize a new oxygen preservation technology for use in islet implantation for an artificial pancreas.


CMRR hosts Obama NIH BRAIN Working Group

On August 29-30, 2013, the CMRR hosted the NIH BRAIN Working Group, the highlight of which was four hours of presentations from top scientists from across the globe. CMRR Director, Kamil Ugurbil, is a member of the Working Group.


Prominent Friedreich's ataxia spokesperson and advocate participated in University of Minnesota study

On July 23, 2013, the University of Minnesota's Center for Magnetic Resonance Research (CMRR) hosted prominent Friedreich's ataxia spokesperson and patient, Kyle Bryant. Watch highlights. The study is being conducted by co-principal investigators Isabelle Iltis, Ph.D. and Christophe Lenglet, Ph.D.


New Dental MRI Study Yields Best Images Yet

Aug 23, 2013 CMRR researchers Michael Garwood, Djaudat Idiyatullin, and Curt Corum, in conjunction with Don Nixdorf, School of Dentistry, have made exciting advances in developing dental MRI with the hope of someday replacing current x-ray imaging techniques. Their latest research was published in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (July 30, 2013).


Research Snapshot: U of M study finds NAC boosts brain and blood glutathione in patients with Parkinson’s and Gaucher’s diseases

Aug 5, 2013 University researchers Paul Tuite, M.D. and James Cloyd, Pharm.D., working with CMRR's Gulin Oz, Ph.D. and Melissa Terpstra, Ph.D., have shown that changes in the level of glutathione (GSH) in the brain in response to the antioxidant N-acetylcysteine (NAC) infusion can be measured with MR spectroscopy.


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Multi-Band Accelerated Pulse Sequences

The multi-band accelerated EPI sequences developed at CMRR are available for use at other institutions on compatible Siemens scanners by C2P agreement with CMRR and Siemens. These sequences and the accompanying reconstructions are being actively developed as key components of the Human Connectome Project.

A gallery of example images and dicom files is available.

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