CMRR Workshops

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Every two years, the CMRR hosts workshops on high field magnetic resonance and functional brain imaging, including sessions with hands-on training. Please plan to join us in the Fall of 2017 for the next workshop!



11th Biennial Minnesota High Field Workshops
Dates - Thursday, October 5th - Saturday, October 7th

 (More information soon)

Also please note also Three Hands On Training Course will again be offered

(More information soon)

These will be held Tuesday, October 3rd and Wednesday, October 4th

Sessions will include:
  • - Cells to Networks
  • - Connectomics
  • - Neuroimaging
  • - New Directions in Instrumentation
  • - MR Above 7T
  • - RF Management
  • - Body MR 
  • - Novel Contrasts
The three hands-on workshops will be:
  • Imaging Methods for the Connectomics
  • High-Field Parallel Transmission and Engineering
  • MR Spectroscopy

If you have any questions regarding these workshops, please email

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