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The loadIt gui provides a setPath browser to set the
directory and filename for load of either functional 4D
data or anatomic 3D data.  If the format is either fid
(Varian vnmr) or sdt (CMRR Stimulate), then upon setting
the path, the dimensions and data type are filled in
automatically.  If the format is raw then the file is
assumed to be flat (i.e. no header) and the dimension and
type of the data need to be specified.

The head/tail trim parameters allow for removal of volumes
from the beginning or the ending of the data set during
the load.  It is often necessary to remove the intial
pre-steady-state scans and/or the trailing phase reference

The volume acquisition frequency, volAcqFreq, is the
reciprocal of the slice TR (time repeat) multiplied by
the number of slices.

For fid files there is a multitaper outer-product filter
option which is enabled by selecting yes for dpssRecon
and by specifying both the Time-Bandwith product and the
number of dpss tapers to be used in the reconstruction
(i.e. Fourier transform).
The sdt format is actual a filepair with extensions of
'sdt' and 'spr' that hold the data and header respectively.
The data in the sdt is a flat file in the order of the
3 spatial dimensions first followed by the temporal
dimension.  The spr is an ascii file that describes the
sdt with one colon separated attribute value pair per line.

There are three required attributes:
   'numDim' - number of dimensions
   'dim' - the numDim number of dimension values
   'dataType' - the number format: {REAL, WORD, BYTE} which
      corresponds to {float32, int16 or char} respectively.

an optional attribute is:
   'endian' - {ieee-le, ieee-be}  for little or big endian.

For example, an spr could contain...
numDim: 4
dim: 64 64 3 1000
dataType: REAL
endian: ieee-be

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