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The showXcr GUI allows the user display the results
(i.e. Value of or lag at the maximum correlation)
of a cross correlation as an overlay map on top of the
corresponding slice of either the functional or anatomic
data.  The overlay map is color coded along a scale
from the MinOvlRng and MaxOvlRng for those pixels with a
correlation value that is no less than the xcr_thres value
and who belong to a cluster with a size no smaller than
the MinCluster.  If the timeCourse plot option is selected,
then when the image is clcked by the mouse the underlying
time series is plotted with optionally the correlation
sequence and/or the reference vector.  First the process
button must be pressed to popup the xcr window where the
xcr can be invoked.

The xcr GUI allows the user to specify the xcr parameters
and invoke the calculation by pressing the RUN button.

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