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John P. Strupp, M.S.E.E


Research Fellow
1-213 CMRR

John Strupp is a Research Fellow in the Departments of Radiology and is the Supervisor of the Computer Resources Group at the CMRR. Mr. Strupp received a BSEE at the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1985 and a MSEE at the University of Washington - Seattle in 1992. He is currently a Ph.D candidate in Electrical Engineering here at the University of Minnesota - Minneapolis. He has developed a comprehensive GUI-based Functional MRI image analysis software package called Stimulate (see http://www.cmrr.umn.edu/stimulate).

Research Interests:

  • fMRI statistical parametric map generation
  • multi-taper spectral analysis techniques
  • physiological noise characterization and removal
  • inter-subject brain morphing
  • Talairach normalization
  • non-linear gradient dewarping

Selected Publications:

Strupp, J, Haralick R Automated Automated Organ Recognition in Medical Imaging using Three Dimensional Mathematical Morphology SPIE Medical Imaging VII: Image Processing. Newport Beach, CA Febuary 1993.

Andersen PM, Rosen ME, Erhard P, Adriany G, Strupp JP, Salmi RJ, Ugurbil K Over-sampling digital IF receiver for MRI Proc of Int'l Soc of Magn Reson in Med, New York, NY 1996

Strupp JP Stimulate: A GUI based fMRI Analysis Software Package. NeuroImage 1996

Ellermann J, Siegal T, Strupp JP, Ebner T, Ugurbil K Activation of visuomotor systems during visually guided movments - a functional MRI study. J Magn Reson 1998 131:272-285

Ugurbil K, Adriany G, Andersen P, Chen W, Hu X, Merkle H, Kim D-S, Kim S-G, Strupp JP, Zhu X, Ogawa, S Magnetic resonance studies of brain function and neurochemistry. Annual Rev Biomed Eng 2000 633-660.