Workshop Highlights

To commemorate our 10th biennial workshop, we will open with a special historical session, Two Decades of High Field MR, in which speakers from our first workshop in 1997 will give their perspective on the progress and future challenges of high field MR.

We will also celebrate reaching and exceeding 10 T for whole-body human imaging.

On the second day, we will showcase a session on the NIH BRAIN Initiative Program, featuring principal investigators from the recently funded BRAIN Initiative projects.

Workshop Goals

The goal of this Workshop is to provide a forum to disseminate and discuss the technical issues and applications of MRI/MRS conducted with high magnetic fields (≥ 3 T). Presentations from experts in the major areas of high field MR research will cover fundamental principles, methodology, and biomedical applications in the brain as well as the other organ systems in the body.

After attending this workshop, individuals can expect to be well informed of the advantages and limitations of high field MR and will have acquired much of the basic knowledge necessary to undertake high field MR investigations.

Designed as both an educational program and a scientific forum for the presentation of the state-of-the-art research, the workshop is intended for a wide spectrum of basic and clinical scientists including cognitive scientists, physicists, radiologists, neurologists, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists and others interested in the technical development and biomedical applications of high field MRI.