Thursday-Saturday, November 14-16, 2019
Location: CMRR Seminar room


7:30Registration & Speaker Upload
8:30Kamil Ugurbil - Welcome

Session 1: Connectomics and Diffusion Methods

Moderator: Christophe Lenglet
8:35Michael Milham, Child Mind Institute / Nathan Kline Institute
Large-scale, Open Neuroimaging Datasets are Increasing More Than Just Sample Size
9:00Allen Song, Duke University
Ultrahigh Resolution Diffusion MRI In Vivo
9:25Jennifer A. McNab, Stanford University
Linear, Planar and Spherical Diffusion Encoding at 7 T
9:50Stam Sotiropoulos, University of Nottingham / University of Oxford
Combining 3 T and 7 T Diffusion MRI for Improved Connectivity Mapping
10:15Proffered Abstract: Ajay Nemani, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Seed-Based Test-Retest Reliability of Resting State fMRI at 3 T and 7 T

Session 2: Sequences and Reconstruction

Moderator: Steen Moeller
10:45William Grissom, Vanderbilt University
Closing the Loop: Leveraging Pulse Design to Build Better Transmit Coils for MRI
11:10Gigi Galiana, Yale University
Nonlinear Gradients for Spatial Encoding and Contrast
11:35Mehmet Akcakaya, University of Minnesota
Emerging Methods for High-Accelerated MRI
12:00Matthew Rosen, Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard
Life at the Bottom: How Low SNR Inspired a New Reconstruction Paradigm

Session 3: Ultra-High Field Body MR

Moderator: Jutta Ellermann
13:40Vendor Presentation: Robin Heidemann, Siemens Healthineers
14:00Gregory Metzger, University of Minnesota
Enabling Body Imaging at 7 T and Beyond
14:25Bart Steensma, University Medical Center Utrecht
Design and Safety of RF Antennas for Body MRI at Ultra-High Field
14:50Christopher Rodgers, Cambridge University
Multinuclear Spectroscopy in the Human Heart and Liver at 7 T
15:15Proffered Abstract: Michael Hock, University Hospital Wuerzburg
Correction of Myocardial B0-Inhomogeneities at 7 T with ECG-Gated Spherical Harmonics Shimming

15:45Vendor Presentation: Wulf-Ingo Jung, Bruker
16:05Mark Ladd, DKFZ Heidelberg
On the Imaging and Safety Performance of Body-Coil-Like Transmit Arrays at 7 Tesla
16:30Stefan Zbyn, University of Minnesota
Musculoskeletal Applications of Sodium Imaging at UHF MR Systems

16:55Power Poster Presentations - Moderated by Remi Patriat
17:25Traditional Poster Session

18:30Reception at CMRR


Session 4: Laminar fMRI

Moderator: Cheryl Olman
08:30Lucia Melloni, Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics
From the Macroscale to the Mesoscale: Studying the Human Brain at Multiple Levels
08:55Kamil Uludag, Sungkyunkwan University / University Health Network Toronto
Laminar fMRI: Hype or a New Tool for Human Neuroscience
09:20Laurentius Huber, Maastricht University
CBV-Weighted Layer-fMRI in Humans: From Layer-Dependent Microcircuits Towards Whole Brain Directional Connectome Mapping
09:45Kendrick Kay, University of Minnesota
A Temporal Decomposition Method for Removing Venous Effects from Task-Based fMRI
10:10Proffered Abstract: Andrew Morgan, University of Glasgow
Cortical Feedback to Superficial Layers of V1 Contains Predictive Scene Information

Session 5: 1H and X-Nuclei MRS

Moderator: Gulin Oz
10:40Malgorzata Marjanska, University of Minnesota
The First In Vivo Detection of Cystathionine: Novel Signature of Glioma Genetics
11:05Uzay Emir, Purdue University
The Use of In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy for Studying the Chemical Composition of the Human Body
11:30Daniel Vigneron, University of California, San Francisco
Hyperpolarized C-13 Stable-Isotope Molecular MRI Provides Novel Cellular Metabolic Data in Volunteers and Patients
11:55Wei Chen, University of Minnesota
Deuterium (2H) MRS Approach for Simultaneous Imaging of Cerebral Glycolysis and Oxidative Metabolisms and the Warburg Effect in Brain Tumor
12:20Proffered Abstract: Jullie Pan, University of Pittsburgh
Targeted Fast 7 T Multi-Slice Spectroscopic Imaging

13:45Vendor Presentation: Baldev Ahluwalia, GE Healthcare
14:05Anke Henning, University of Texas Southwestern
Ultra-High Field MR Spectroscopic Imaging - From System Architecture to Clinical Application

Session 6: Engineering and Safety

Moderator: Joseph Ackerman
14:30Nicola De Zanche, University of Alberta
Emerging Technologies for RF Transmission and Reception
14:55Ana Arias, University of California, Berkeley
Conformal Electronics for Imaging and Health Monitoring
15:20Gregor Adriany, University of Minnesota
Pushing the Limits: High Channel Count UHF Coils for 7 T and 10.5 T
15:45Proffered Abstract: Xinquang Yan, Vanderbilt University
Optimizing an Array-Compressed Coil for Arterial Spin Labeling at 7 T

Moderator: Xiaoping Wu
16:15Vendor Presentation: Steve Bates, Tesla Engineering LTD
16:35Ben Parkinson, Victoria University of Wellington
MRI Magnets using High-Temperature Superconductors
17:00Brian Rutt, Stanford University
Developing Next Generation Compact Connectome Ultra High Field MRI Technology
17:25Yigitcan Eryaman, University of Minnesota
RF Coil Design and Safety Validation at 10.5 T
17:50Proffered Abstract: Bart Steensma, University Medical Center Utrecht
Local SAR Assessment: Deep Learning-Based Method vs. Conventional VOP-Based Methods

18:30Reception at TCF Bank Stadium
20:00Speaker: Stanislas Dehaene, College de France
Reading and its Acquisition: Evidence from Brain Imaging


Session 7: Resilience to Field Imperfections

Moderator: Michael Garwood
08:30Lucio Frydman, Weizmann Institute of Science
Overcoming - and Embracing - Field Inhomogeneities via Spatiotemporally Encoded MRI
08:55Michael Mullen, University of Minnesota
Imaging with Inhomogeneous Fields: Pulse Sequence Design and Image Reconstruction
09:20Christoph Juchem, Columbia University
The Dynamic Multi-Coil Technique (DYNAMITE) - a General BO Field Modeling Concept
09:45Klaas Pruessmann, ETH Zurich
Current Topics in Sensing and Control for High-Field MRI

Session 8: High-Resolution Neuroimaging

Moderator: Luca Vizioli
10:30Jeff Duyn, NINDS, NIH
High Resolution Susceptibility-Weighted MRI
10:55John Gore, Vanderbilt University
Multi-Parametric Imaging of Spinal Cord at High Field
11:20Oliver Speck, Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg
High Resolution Structural and Vascular Neuroimaging
11:45Jan Zimmermann, University of Minnesota
Brain Imaging at 10.5 T in the Non-Human Primate
12:10Proffered Abstract: Filiz Yetisir, Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard
In-vivo 2D RARE Imaging at 7 T using Parallel Transmission for Flip Angle Nonuniformity Correction

Moderator: Noam Harel
13:35Vendor Presentation: Ivan Dimitrov, Philips Healthcare
13:55Proffered Abstract: Merry Mani, University of Iowa
Simultaneous B0 Inhomogeneity Correction and Multi-Echo Reconstruction for EPI Using Structured Low Rank Priors
14:05Seong-Gi Kim, Sungkyunkwan University
Ultrahigh Field Mouse fMRI with Optogenetics for Dissection of Neural Circuits
14:30Sarah Heilbronner, University of Minnesota
Building a Wiring Diagram of the Brain with Anatomy and Ultra-High Field Neuroimaging
14:55E. Mark Haacke, Wayne State University
High Resolution STAGE Imaging and Vascular Imaging: Clinical and Research Applications at High Field