Written by D.Sh.Idiyatullin. First release date 10/30/02.

The date of main modifications:

07/10/03 - the shaped pulses had been included.   

05/06/04- simulation of the chemical exchange processes.

05/16/04- cycle inside sequence.


05/28/04-(version 306 and 307) error in the second order coupling calculation was found and fixed in version 308. 

06/10/04-(version 309) T1 and T2 relaxation in exchange part has been added. 

08/04/04-(version 311) The problem during simultaneous shaped pulses has been fixed. 

08/12/04-(version 312) Little design. 

10/29/10-(version 2010_2) Lot of changes. 

11/21/11-(version 2011_7) Shaped gradients …

11/27/11-(version 2011_9) Fixed some gradient issues …

11/28/11-(version 2011_10) Fixed some gradient issues …


Comments, questions and suggestions regarding this program can be directed

to idiat001@tc.umn.edu