Meena Mani is a postdoc at the CMRR. Her research centers around applications of diffusion imaging, an interest that grew out of her doctoral work at INRIA in France. Meena is associated with the Connectome project and is currently working on connectivity-based parcellation.

Research blog

Email: mmani @
Skype: meena-mani
Phone: +1 612 625-5372

Office: 2-129
2021 6th St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Publications related to Diffusion Imaging

Meena Mani, Anuj Srivastava, Christian Barillot. Morphological changes in the corpus callosum: A study using joint Riemannian feature spaces, In SPIE Medical Imaging, pp. 866908-866908, International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2013.
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Meena Mani, Sebastian Kurtek, Christian Barillot, Anuj Srivastava. A Comprehensive Riemannian Framework for the Analysis of White Matter Fiber Tracts, In ISBI, pp. 1101-1104, IEEE, 2010.
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PhD Thesis
Quantitative Analysis of Open Curves in Brain Imaging: Applications to White Matter Fibers and Sulci
INRIA Rennes/University of Rennes 1, January 2011.
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