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Boston Scientific Corp
Arden Hills, MN, USA
Collaborator: Ross Vernook
Project: RF Field Effects on Biomedical Devices

Communication Power Corporation (CPC), Inc.
Hauppauge, NY, USA
Collaborator: Dan Myer (CEO)
Project: S10 FF25437 - High Field Power Amplifiers, On-Coil Power Amplifiers

International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM)
Collaborator: Roberta Kravitz (Executive Director)
Project: High Field Safety Book

Life Services, LLC
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Collaborators: Scott Schillack, Matt Waks, Brandon Tramm, Charles Lemaire
Project: R41 EB013543 - High Field Body Arrays with Autotuning

Medtronic, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Collaborators: Craig Wiklund, John Forsberg
Project: Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management and Neuromodulation

New York University (NYU)
New York City, NY, USA
Collaborators: Chris Collins (Professor)
Project: R01 EB011551 - High Field SAR and Safety

Oxford University
Oxford, UK
Collaborators: John Radcliffe, Stefan Neubauer, Matthew Robson, Joseph Suttie, Alex Pitcher, Chris Rodgers
Project: R01 EB006835 - High Field Heart Imaging

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Seoul, South Korea
Collaborators: Young Beom Kim (PhD), Yonglim Choi (PhD)
Project: 3T Body Coil

Siemens AG, Cardiovascular Unit
Chicago, IL, USA
Collaborators: Sven Zuehlsdorff, Xiaoming Bi, Peter Weale, Saurabh Shah
Project(s): 7T Cardiac Imaging

University of Minnesota, Department of Electrical Engineering
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Collaborators: Anand Gopinath, Emad Ebbini
Project: Beam Steering

University of Minnesota, Department of Medicine, Cardiac Division
New Haven, CT, USA
Collaborators: Uma Valetti, Jianyi Zhang
Project: High Field Cardiac Imaging and Spectroscopy

Yale University
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Collaborator: Robin de Graaf
Project: Local Shims and Gradients

Recent Past

Neurospin/CEA Saclay
Paris, France
Collaborator: Denis Le Bihan (Director)
Project: High Field Head Imaging

Siemens AG
Erlangen, Germany
Collaborators: Michael Hamm, Josef Pfeuffer
Projects: Simulations of 3T Body Coil, Gradient Field Effects on Biomedical Devices

University of Chicago
Chicago, IL, USA
Collaborator: Howard Halpern (Professor)
Project: NCI PHS 2011-1, Topic 298 - EPR Device for Cancer Diagnostics