EM Modeling

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Objective: Electromagnetic modeling of magnet fields, switched gradient field and radiofrequency fields for MRI and NMR applications.
Fig 1. Calculated EF fields and thermal contours.

Numerical modeling of electromagnetic (EM) field propagation and losses is an important tool for understanding, designing and implementing new technologies and methods, safely and successfully for MRI applications. While EM modeling is used to simulate static magnetic fields (B0), and switched gradient magnetic fields (dB0/dt), most field calculations done at the CMRR are of the radiofrequency (RF) magnetic B1 fields generated and received by various RF coils to stimulate and receive the NMR signal response from the body for MRI. RF electric (E) fields, their losses in tissue (SAR) and consequential heating are also predicted through EM modeling. Dr. Vaughan and others have employed full-wave EM modeling by the finite element method (FEM) and by finite difference time domain (FDTD) since the early 1990s for RF coil design, RF pulse sequence design and RF safety applications (1-6).

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