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The engineering group works in partnership with many individuals and organizations outside the CMRR. The work of the engineering group, like that of the other groups at the CMRR, is fully funded by grants from both federal sponsors - primarily institues of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) - and industry sponsors. In addition, the engineering group works in close collaboration on projects with universities and businesses from all across the country and around the world. The logos of several sponsors and collaborators appear below.

  • Sponsorships includes a list of grants from both federal and industry sponsors. Each grant supports a specific project with specific aims, which are briefly summarized. The grant number, title, principle investigator(s) (PI(s)), institution, and time period for each grant are listed as well. Links to PDF versions of the grant applications, where more in-depth information can be found, are provided where available.
  • Collaborations includes a list of institutions with which the engineering group has collaborated. For each institution, the individual collaborators and the specific projects/grants collaborated upon are listed.