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The Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, biomedical research using ultrahigh field magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.
Recent Center News

Fulbright-Saastamoinen Foundation Grant for DBS

May 21, 2015 A Fulbright-Saastamoinen Foundation Grant of six months gave a boost for cooperation between Professor Shalom Michaeli and one of his research partners, the Kuopio-based research group of Professor Olli Gröhn.


Multiband SWIFT published in JMR

February 20, 2015 MB-SWIFT's high bandwidth is featured on the cover of this month's Journal of Magnetic Resonance.


A Measure of Success

January 28, 2015 Dr. Garwood's group is finding techniques to measure the oxygenation of an artificial pancreas, which has the potential to help diabetic patients.


CMRR 10th Biennial Minnesota Workshops on High and Ultra-High Field Imaging and Hands-on Training

10th workshop in this series!
Workshop October 1-3, 2015
Training September 28-30, 2015

Early registration available soon.

The CMRR will hold the 10th Biennial Minnesota Workshops on High and Ultra-High Field Imaging in 2015. The workshop will be held on October 1-3, and the training courses will be September 28-30.

Human Connectome Project - Mapping the Human Brain

The Human Connectome Project, or HCP, has brought the combined brainpower of 36 investigators — including six from the University of Minnesota —from 11 different institutions to bear on the challenges of understanding the human brain. Now just past the midpoint, the five-year, $30 million research effort is mapping the vast network of neurons and the trillions of interconnections that compose this elaborate organ.


P30 NINDS Institutional Center Core Grants

These grants are provided to support neuroscience research (P30). You can apply for P30 support from the CMRR for your project.



Multi-Band Accelerated Pulse Sequences

Accelerated multi-band EPI pulse sequences are available for Siemens MRI systems.


SWIFT Pulse Sequences

SWIFT allows for quiet, rapid imaging of short-T2 tissues like teeth and bones. This image compares SWIFT to cone-beam CT. SWIFT sequences are available.


Spectroscopy Tools

Spectroscopy tools and sequences like LASER, PRESS, STEAM, and FAST(EST)MAP are available for Siemens MRI systems.



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