Radiologist Scan Reviews

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If you feel a scan should checked by a Radiologist or if you are a Radiologist and need to review scans, click the following link to access the Radiologist Scan Review System

For 3T and 7T scanners

05/23/2016: The system has been changed in the following ways:

  1. New video explaining the process.
  2. New SOP describing the process.
  3. Push their data to naxos and review scans in a web-based DICOM viewer.
  4. Start a review, find and highlight the unusual structure using the DICOM viewer, and request a read directly from the slice.
  5. The radiologist will quickly see the annotated DICOM slice preview in the review request.
  6. The radiologist will be returned to exactly to the slice in the DICOM viewer.

For 4T and 9.4T scanners

  1. Call the radiologist and ask what email address to use when sending TIFF or a JPG images
  2. Enter the subject information into the Radiologist Scan Review System (calendar event id is the patient id)
  3. Add a note that the images were sent via email


  1. Follow the instructions above
  2. Contact the Radiologists: The radiologist will instruct you what to do with the subject (i.e. send them home or to the hospital)
  3. Send an email to detailing the outcome.

The current rate for these reviews is $60 / scan.