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This fall, the University of Minnesota Center for Magnetic Resonance Research will offer the Directed Study course, BPhys8293 - Advanced Topics in MRI. The course is designed for students who have a good knowledge of the basics of MR. It is a lecture-based course covering a series of five topics in detail: functional MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, use of MR in oncology, spectroscopy techniques and applications. Each topic will include lectures and review of the current literature. The classes will meet at CMRR on Tuesday and Thursday at 10:20 am and last for an hour.

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2006 Syllabus (v2 updated 9/3)

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The CMRR Faculty will be teaching two courses on MR physics and applications. The courses will be offered in the fall of each year, and will alternate between a basic physics course and an applications course. This fall (2006), the applications course will be offered as a directed study (BPhy8293). Starting in 2007, two formal courses will be offered each fall:
Fall 2007 BPhys 5176 Advanced Physics of Magnetic Resonance
Fall 2008 BPhys 8146 Advanced Topics in Biomedical Magnetic Resonance
Fall 2007 BPhys 5176 
Fall 2008 BPhys 8146 
 ... and so on...

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