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  • October 26, 2005: Syllabus updated to makeup Lab 3.
  • October 26, 2005: Prof. Ugurbil will be giving the lecture on Thursday, October 27, next door to the CMRR in the Lions/Translational Research Building. There will be a sign-in sheet at the info desk, which is the first thing you will see when you come in the front entrance. Jo will check off your name, let you in, and direct you toward the seminar room. Class starts at 10:15 like usual.
  • Sept 22, 2005: Newer syllabus!
  • Sept 20, 2005: New syllabus, with some classes moved around. Note that Wednesday labs does NOT move, even when the associated Tuesday lab does. Also, there is some software posted for the class on 9/27. Please feel free to download and try before the class, and email Pat if you find problems.
  • Sept 8 2005: We will be moving the class time to 10:15am-11:35am to accomodate some student requests.
  • Sept 7 2005: Welcome to the class! Tentative Lab assignments are listed below. These are flexible; if you want/need to be moved to a different section, email Cheryl or talk with her after class. Also, we will be showing an MR Safety video on two occasions during the second week of class. If you have not taken an MR safety class, please attend one of these two sessions. If you have taken an MR safety training class elsewhere, feel free to drop by and watch. The sessions will be Tuesday before class (9:30am-10am), and Thursday after class (11:30-12:00 noon).
  • For Fall 2005, this class is offered through the Psychology department as PSY 8960, and also through the Biophysics department as BPHYS 8147.


2005 Syllabus (updated 10/26/05)

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Hornak's NMR webbook
Hornak's MRI webbook
Harvard Whole Brain atlas

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