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Software packages developed at the CMRR that you may find useful in your own MR research:

SWIFT - SWeep Imaging with Fourier Transformation

Multi-band EPI - highly-accelerated 2D EPI pulse sequences for Siemens scanners

Spectroscopy Tools - Spectroscopy pulse sequences and FASTMAP shimming tool for Siemens scanners

FAIR ASST and OPTIMAL FAIR - Perfusion imaging methods with pulsed aterial spin labeling (PASL)

Stimulate - multifunctional image analysis tool

PhysioFix User's Guide - adjust for respiration and cardio effects

PhysioFix for Matlab

Cluster probability - clustered pixel probability

Sarcalc - energy used by your pulse sequence

MTM - Multi-Taper Methods for signal/noise analysis

NMR Kitchen - software based on product operator calculation