(Multi-Taper Methods)

21-Dec-2001 beta version GUI


Download the latest software in a compressed tar from:

Under UNIX, unpack the code in some directory, for example in /usr/local/mtm

   # cd /usr/local
   # zcat  mtm_beta_21Dec2001.tar.Z | tar xvf -
   # ln -s /usr/local/mtm_beta_21Dec2001 /usr/local/mtm

Invoke the program
   # matlab
   >> addpath( '/usr/local/mtm' )
   >> mtm

For intro to multitaper analysis see:

P. Mitra and B. Pesaran,
"Analysis of Dynamic Brain Imaging Data" 
Biophys.J.1999 76:691-708

Wayne M. King, John P. Strupp, Partha P. Mitra, and Kamil Urgubil
"An Introduction to Multitaper Spectral Analysis for fMRI Data"
In work

The main MTM (Multi-Taper Methods) window has a set of button which when pressed will popup a processing GUI (graphical user interface). These buttons are layed out vertically in the typical order in which they should be run.

There are four major processing sections:

  1. Data-input
  2. Exploratory
    • Cine (cineIt)
      Generate and Show a movie of data.
    • Mass Center (massCtr)
      Calculate and display the center of mass.
    • Variance (std_dev)
      Calculate and display the variance over time.
    • Physiologic (physioShow)
      Popup to load and display physiologic waveforms
    • Time SVD (timeSVD)
      Popup to perform a Time-Space SVD
    • Freq SVD (freqSVD)
      Popup to perform a Freq-Space SVD
  3. Pre-processing
    • Detrend (runline)
      Popup to perform running linear regression detrending.
    • Denoise (physioCorr)
      Popup to perform physiologic noise removal.
  4. Confirmatory
    • T-test (tTest)
      Popup to calculate t-Test map.
    • Cross Corr (xcr)
      Popup to calculate Cross correlation map.
    • Freq F-test (freqFtest)
      Popup to calculate a Frequency F-test map.
    • Overlay (map_cmp)
      Popup to compare map overlays.

The fMRI data set used is courtesy of Josef Pfeuffer