CMRR Computer User

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Information about how to use the CMRR computers and network. Email if you are still having trouble.

C100 - New CMRR Computer Account

C101 - CMRR Computer User Basics

C103 - Using Windows PCs with CMRR Servers

C104 - Using Macs with CMRR Servers

C105 - Using Linux with CMRR Servers

  • C105-01 - Connecting your Linux laptop to the CMRR network
  • C105-02 - Connecting Linux to CMRR server file shares
  • C105-03 - Connecting Linux to CMRR servers with terminal ssh
  • C105-05 - Connecting Linux to CMRR servers with VNC

C120 - Using CMRR Linux File Servers

  • C120-01 - Your CMRR Linux home directory
  • C120-02 - Data storage and Archiving
  • C120-03 - DICOM file transfers from CMRR magnets
  • C120-04 - Twix file transfers from CMRR magnets

C121 - Using the CMRR web servers

C122 - Using CMRR Linux Compute Servers

  • C122-01 - Compute servers at the CMRR
  • C122-02 - Shared software in /opt/local
  • C122-03 - Using FSL at the CMRR
  • C122-04 - Using Matlab at the CMRR
  • C122-05 - Using Python at the CMRR

C123 - Parallel Processing at the CMRR

C124 - Using CMRR Sun Computers