CMRR Safety

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Card access to the CMRR

For those of you who wish to be granted card access to the CMRR there are several training requirements that must first be fulfilled. Please visit the following links to the training modules based on the type of access you require. Once you have completed all of the training requirements for your type of access please email a copy of your Personal Training Record and/or Ulearn Transcript, or other documentation citing completion of the training (copy of CPR card/certificate, etc.) along with a completed CMRR Employee/Researcher Screening form to the CMRR access coordinator by placing in the mailbox in 1-119A or emailing to

Personal Training Record

To access your personal training record in MyU, click here or do the following steps:

  • Go to the MyU site
  • Under Key Links, choose Reporting Center
  • Human Resources Management
  • Human Resources
  • Training History
  • Enter your employee id, click Submit
  • Choose Completed, click Submit

If you are not an employee or don't have access to MyU do the following steps:

  • Go to the Training Hub site 
  • If prompted log in with your University internet ID
  • Click on "My Training"
  • Click on "Print Full Training Record" near the top of the page to download a copy of your training record

General Access

Human MR Research Access

The following additional training is NOT required for building access, but may be required to conduct research with human subjects at the University of Minnesota. PI’s are responsible for confirming it has been completed prior to adding new personnel to IRB protocols.

Animal MR Research Access

If you need access to the CMRR RAR facility, please visit the following link: RAR Access Forms, fill out the "Initial RAR Clearance & Facility Access" form, and follow the instructions for submission to RAR. Direct link to form.

MDT/Optical Imaging Lab Access

Research Scan Reviews

If you feel a scan should be checked by a Radiologist or if you are a Radiologist and need to review scans, please continue to the Research Scan Review System

Useful Links:

Human Subjects Safety Manual
Magnet Specific Operator Taining
CMRR Laboratory Safety Plan
Chemical Waste Management Training
Chemical Spill Emergency Procedures
Needle Sticks or other Infectious Exposure Procedures
Occupational Safety and Health Administration Website
Links for locating Material Safety Data Sheets
Online version of Prudent Practices in the Laboratory
Department of Environmental Health and Safety
Institutional Biosafety Committee
Radioactive Material Incidents
Biosafety in the Laboratory
Accident Investigation Worksheet
Steps to follow in a work related accident or injury
Emergency Information an excellent resource for MRI safety Information
Magmedix an online retailer of MRI compatible supplies