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Dinesh Deelchand, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor
2-156 CMRR

Dr. Dinesh K. Deelchand is an Assistant Professor at the Center of Magnetic Resonance Research at the University of Minnesota. Dr Deelchand obtained a BSc in Physics from the University of Mauritius (Mauritius) in 2000 and a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Nottingham (UK) in 2004. He joined CMRR as a postdoctoral associate under the supervision of Dr. Pierre-Gilles Henry at the end of 2004. Recently he joined Dr Gulin Oz’s group to work on 1H MRS in patients with spinocerebellar ataxias.

Research Interests:

  • 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy (MRS) at high-fields
  • Develop and validate new approaches to study brain metabolism and neurotransmission
  • Real-time motion correction for MRS applications

Selected Publications:

1. Deelchand DK, Iltis I, Henry PG. Improved quantification precision of human brain short echo-time 1H MRS at high magnetic field: A simulation study. Magn Reson Med. (in press)

2. Mochel F, N'Guyen TM, Deelchand D, Rinaldi D, Valabregue R, Wary C, Carlier PG, Durr A, Henry PG. Abnormal response to cortical activation in early stages of Huntington disease. Mov Disord. 2012

3. Shajan G, Hoffmann J, Balla DZ, Deelchand DK, Scheffler K, Pohmann R. Rat brain MRI at 16.4T using a capacitively tunable patch antenna in combination with a receive array. NMR Biomed. 2012

4. Deelchand DK, Henry PG, Uǧurbil K, Marjańska M. Measurement of transverse relaxation times of J-coupled metabolites in the human visual cortex at 4 T. Magn Reson Med. 2012

5. Ennis K, Deelchand DK, Tkac I, Henry PG, Rao R. Determination of oxidative glucose metabolism in vivo in the young rat brain using localized direct-detected ¹³C NMR spectroscopy. Neurochem Res. 2011

6. Emir UE, Deelchand D, Henry PG, Terpstra M. Noninvasive quantification of T2 and concentrations of ascorbate and glutathione in the human brain from the same double-edited spectra. NMR Biomed. 2011

7. Marjańska M, Iltis I, Shestov AA, Deelchand DK, Nelson C, Uğurbil K, Henry PG. In vivo 13C spectroscopy in the rat brain using hyperpolarized [1-(13)C]pyruvate and [2-(13)C]pyruvate. J Magn Reson. 2010

8. Deelchand DK, Moortele PF, Adriany G, Iltis I, Andersen P, Strupp JP, Thomas Vaughan J, Uğurbil K, Henry PG. In vivo 1H NMR spectroscopy of the human brain at 9.4T: Initial results. J. Magn Reson. 2010

9. Deelchand DK, Shestov AA, Koski DM, Ugurbil K, Henry PG. Acetate transport and utilization in the rat brain. J. Neurochem. 109:46-54, 2009.

10. Deelchand DK, Ugurbil K, Henry P-G. Investigation Brain Metabolism at High Fields using Localized 13C NMR Spectroscopy without 1H Decoupling, Magn. Reson. Med. 55(2): 279-86, 2006.