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Gregor Adriany, Ph.D.

1-255 CMRR


Dr. Gregor Adriany is an Associate Professor in the Department of Radiology. The main focus of his work is the design and implementation of novel ultra high field (UHF) antennas and related front-end components. After receiving an MSEE from the RWTH University of Aachen, Germany and work for Siemens Medical in Erlangen he joined our lab in 1994 to pursue a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering. He graduated with a Doctorate in Engineering (Dr. Ing.) from the RWTH Aachen in 1998 and continued his research at the CMRR. Dr. Adriany has extensive experience with many pioneering efforts using the world’s first 7 T, 9.4 T, 10.5 T and 16.4 T magnets and leads the CMRR engineering group.

Research Interests:


  • Transmit Antenna Arrays and Innovative UHF MR Technology
  • High Density Transmit - Receive array coil combinations for UHF
  • Multinuclear arrays and Specialty coils for the small bore systems.

Selected Publications:


Ugurbil, K., Auerbach, E., Moeller, S., Grant, A., Wu, X., Van de Moortele, P. F., Olman, C., DelaBarre, L., Schillak, S., Radder, J., Lagore, R. and Adriany, G. Brain imaging with improved acceleration and SNR at 7 Tesla obtained with 64-channel receive array. Magn Reson Med, 2019: 82, 495-509. PubMed PMID: 30803023

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Adriany G, Auerbach EJ, Snyder CJ, Gzbyk A, Ritter J, Van de Moortele PF, Moeller S, Vaughan JT, Ugurbil K: A 32-channel lattice transmission line array for parallel transmit and receive MRI at 7 tesla. Magn Reson Med 2010, 63:1478-85. PubMedPMID: 20512850

Adriany G, Van de Moortele PF, Ritter J, Moeller S, Auerbach EJ, Akgn C, Snyder CJ, Vaughan T, Ugurbil K: A geometrically adjustable 16-channel transmit/receive transmission line array for improved RF efficiency and parallel imaging performance at 7 Tesla. Magn Reson Med. 2008; 59(3):590-597. PubMed PMID: 18219635

Adriany G, Van de Moortele PF, Wiesinger F, Moeller S, Strupp JP, Andersen P, Snyder C, Zhang X, Chen W, Pruessmann KP, Boesiger P, Vaughan T, Ugurbil K: Transmit and receive transmission line arrays for 7 Tesla parallel imaging. Magn Reson Med. 2005; 53(2):434-45. PubMed PMID: 15678527

Vaughan JT, Adriany G, Garwood M, Yocoub E, Duong T, Merkle H, Andersen P, DelaBarre L, Kim S-G, Ugurbil K, A Detunable Volume Coil for High Field NMR Magn. Reson. Med. 47:990-1000 (2002)

Vaughan JT, Garwood M, Collins CM, Liu W, DelaBarre L, Adriany G, Andersen P, Merkle H, Goebel R, Smith MB, Ugurbil K: 7T vs 4T: RF power, homogeneity, & signal-to-noise comparison in head images. Magn.Reson.Med. 46:24-30(2001)

Adriany G., Gruetter R. "A half volume coil for efficient proton decoupling in humans at 4 Tesla". J. Magn. Reson., (1997), 125:p.178-184