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Pierre-Fran├žois Van de Moortele, MD, PhD

Associate Professor
2-134 CMRR



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First in-vivo MRI acquisition in a human subject at 10.5 Tesla

In the late morning of Dec 14th, 2017, the first in-vivo MR images even obtained in a human subject at 10.5 Tesla in an MR scanner were collected at CMRR.

Research Interests:

Each topic has a main focus at 7T and 10.5T
  1. Transmit B1 management at Ultra High Field (Body and Brain applications) 
    • fast multi channel B1 Mapping
    • fast multi channel B1 Shimming
    • RF pulse design in parallel Excitation with SAR constraints
    • SAR impact of RF coil design based on Electromagnetic numerical models
  2. High Resolution Structural and Functional Brain Imaging
    • High resolution functional MRI
    • High resolution structural Hippocampus imaging
  3. Vasculature imaging (Brain / Body)
    • MPRAGE based Angiography
    • Time of Flight based Angiography (Brain)
    • 4D Flow Imaging (intracerebral, heart, aorta) 

Selected Publications:

(last update: 2014)

Wu, X., Schmitter, S., Auerbach, E., Moeller, S., Ugurbil, K. & Van de Moortele, P.-F. Simultaneous multi-slice multi-band parallel RF excitation with independent slice-specific transmit B1 homogenization. (in press) Magn Reson Med.

Majidi, S., Sein, J., Watanabe, M., Hassan, A. E., Van de Moortele, P.-F., Suri, M. F. K., Clark, H. B. & Qureshi, A. I. Intracranial-Derived Atherosclerosis Assessment: An In Vitro Comparison Between Virtual Histology by Intravascular Ultrasonography, Seven-Tesla MRI, and Histopathological Findings. (in press) American Journal of Neuroradiology.

Liu, J., Zhang, X., Van de Moortele, P.-F., Schmitter, S. & He, B. Determining electrical properties based on B1 fields measured in an MR scanner using a multi-channel transmit/receive coil: a general approach. (in press) Phys Med Biol.

Zhang, X., Van de Moortele, P. F., Schmitter, S. & He, B. Complex B1 mapping and electrical properties imaging of the human brain using a 16-channel transceiver coil at 7T. (2013) Magn Reson Med 69, 1285-1296 PMCID: 3549472

Schmitter, S., Wu, X., Adriany, G., Auerbach, E. J., Ugurbil, K. & Van de Moortele, P. F. Cerebral TOF angiography at 7T: Impact of B shimming with a 16-channel transceiver array. (2013) Magn Reson Med 2, early view

Metzger, G. J., Auerbach, E. J., Akgun, C., Simonson, J., Bi, X., Ugurbil, K. & van de Moortele, P. F. Dynamically applied B1+ shimming solutions for non-contrast enhanced renal angiography at 7.0 Tesla. (2013) Magn Reson Med 69, 114-126. PMCID: 3387512

De Martino, F., Moerel, M., van de Moortele, P. F., Ugurbil, K., Goebel, R., Yacoub, E. & Formisano, E. Spatial organization of frequency preference and selectivity in the human inferior colliculus. (2013) Nature communications 4, 1386. PMCID: 3556928

Ellermann J, Goerke U, Morgan P, Ugurbil K, Tian J, Schmitter S, Vaughan JT, Van de Moortele PF. Simultaneous Bilateral Hip Joint Imaging at 7 Tesla using Fast Transmit B1 Shimming Methods and Multichannel Transmission - A Feasibility Study. NMR Biomed 2012; in press.

Henry TR, Chupin M, Lehericy S, Ugurbil K, Ott F, Sha Z, Van de Moortele PF. Hippocampal Sclerosis in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: Findings at 7 Tesla. Radiology 2011; in press.

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Wu X, Vaughan JT, Ugurbil K, Van de Moortele PF. Parallel excitation in the human brain at 9.4 T counteracting k-space errors with RF pulse design. Magn Reson Med 2010;63(2):524-529.

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Van de Moortele PF, Auerbach EJ, Olman C, Yacoub E, Ugurbil K, Moeller S. T1 weighted brain images at 7 Tesla unbiased for Proton Density, T2* contrast and RF coil receive B1 sensitivity with simultaneous vessel visualization. Neuroimage 2009;46(2):432-446.

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