CMRR special terms

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Some special terms, abbreviations, words, and definitions we use at the CMRR you may find useful to know. Some of these come from the MRI world, and some of them are unique to the UMN and CMRR.

AS - actively shielded, i.e. magnet is surrounded by an actively generated reverse magnetic field

CCIR - Center for Clinical Imaging Resources, a PET-CT clinic in the CMRR building.

CMRR - Center for Magnetic Resonance Research

PARS - Project Application Review System. Web-based application for researchers to request CMRR resources.

PS - passively sheilded, i.e. magnet is enclosed in a heavy metal box to reduce the field

Technician - on-the-job trained magnet operator

Technologist - formally educated and trained MRI magnet operator