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Applying for Resources

All projects at the CMRR/CCIR start with an application for resources. The application is done on-line via our PARS system.

Before You Start

You will need the following information:

  • PI, co-investigator, and staff name, department, and Internet Ids
  • A summary description of your project (up to 250 words, see below)
  • For human and animal studies, a 1-2 page PDF technical summary of your protocol (sample summary)
  • For animal studies, the species and housing of the animals
  • What instruments you plan to use
  • How long the sessions will be
  • How many sessions there will be
  • What other CMRR/CCIR support facilities, equipment, and staff you plan to use
  • Information about your grants, e.g. from your NOGA (notice of grant award)

All the instruments and equipment options are drop-down selections in the application. Most questions are self-explanitory and there are help pop-ups and links to more information available.

The application will give you the opportunity to save and return later, and to make corrections as you go along.

Your Project Summary

The summary description of your project should include:

  • General area of scientific interest being explored
    (e.g. Alzheimer's Disease)
  • Brief statement of the specific question under study
    (e.g. imaging AD plaque formation)
  • Key concepts of methodology, technology, and analysis methods
    (e.g. longitudinal fMRI and spectroscopy of mouse models)
  • Broad indication of the scientific importance of the research
    (e.g. may lead to improved early detection of AD)
  • Related projects or grant opportunities, either past, present, or future
    (e.g. basis for R01 submission August 2013, my first project using the 7T)

This 250-word summary is on the first page of the application and will be used to introduce the committee members to your project.

Radiology PIs

For UMN department of Radiology PIs, there are two special sections:

  • Scientific review - for human studies not already scientifically reviewed to IRB requirements (More on IRB requirements)
  • Commitment pool - Radiology PIs are eligible to request funding from the commitment pool.

Sample Application

Here is a sample application, filled out in the PARS test system.

Yearly Renewals

Applications will be reviewed and renewed on a regular (currently yearly) basis. You will be asked for information about your project, publications, and grants at renewal time.