MRspa: Magnetic Resonance signal processing and analysis

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MRspa is a spectral post-processing and analysis package which runs under Matlab. Various processing steps are currently available: Eddy current, frequency and phase corrections (several algorithms exist), remove and average FIDs.
LCModel is interfaced with MRspa, for quick and easy analysis (either in single- or batch-mode).  
Various MRS data formats are supported: Agilent, Bruker, Dicom, GE, Philip and Siemens Twix/Raw.

MRspa is distributed under a BSD license.

Please email Dinesh Deelchand for any questions or feedback.


Manual: MRspa manual v1.pdf

Acknowledgement: If you publish or present results obtained using this package, please acknowledge or cite using the following language: "Deelchand D. MRspa: Magnetic Resonance signal processing and analysis. Available at:"