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   Usage: physioFix fidDir skip process_string [periodFile.pxc]
      where process_string is composed of:
            r - respir K-space
            R - respir Image-space
            c - cardio K-space
            C - cardio Image-space
The path to a directory with either a Varian Vnmr fid/procpar file pair or a 4D complex sdt image. Note that the number of pulse edge pairs in the acqPeak.sdt must be equal to the number of volumes in the fid. Also in this directory must be the following files from findPhysioPeaks.
  1. acqPeak.sdt
  2. respirPeak.sdt
  3. cardioPeak.sdt
The number of image volumes to skip at the beginning of the fid data. The value should be at least 1 to skip the reference image, but even higher (e.g. 4) to ensure a steady state condition.
A string of the letters {r, R, c, C} to designate the processing desired. Note that the capital letters imply that an FFT is performed to convert the K-space data to Image-space.
An optional ascii file to designate which image volumes are the control periods for use in the fitting. The file format is the same as that for Stimulate's period cross-correlation (i.e. .pxc). Note that the period ranges are relative to volume indices after the skip number of volumes have been removed.