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PhysioFix User's Guide
PhysioFix is an implementation of the following paper for single-shot EPI fMRI:

X. Hu, T. H. Le, T. Parrish and P. Erhard
``Retrospective Estimation and Correction of Physiological Fluctuation in fMRI''
Magn. Reson. Med., 34:201-212(1995)

There are four steps in the processing, where steps 1 and 3 are optional.

1. rollPlot Examine the physiological and acquisition pulse data.

2. findPhysioPeaks Find the peaks of the physiological data and the edges of the acquistion pulses.

3. peakEdit. Correct any erroneous physiological peaks or acquisition pulse edge pairs.

4. physioFix. Perform the physiological fluctuation correction.

Example results !
    DownLoad PhysioFix Executables:
  1. IRIX.
  2. Solaris.
  3. SunOS.