Multi-Band Accelerated Pulse Sequences Gallery

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Multi-banded RF pulses can be used to accelerate volume coverage along the slice direction by simultaneously exciting and acquiring multiple slices and subsequently unaliasing them using parallel imaging principles and the spatial information available in multi-channel RF array coils.

This allows for a direct reduction in the volume TR by the number of simultaneously excited slices (i.e., the multiband (MB) factor or the slice acceleration factor).

1pt6mm_MB10_ TR900msec.dcm

1pt6mm_MB4_IPAT2_ TR1pt6sec.dcm

1pt6mm_MB4_ TR2pt1sec.dcm

1pt6mm_MB6_ TR1pt5sec.dcm

1pt6mm_MB8_ TR1pt1sec.dcm

2mm_diffusion_MB2_ 12ch.dcm

2mm_diffusion_MB2_ IPAT2.dcm

2mm_diffusion_ MB2.dcm

2mm_diffusion_MB3_ 12ch.dcm

2mm_diffusion_MB3_ IPAT2.dcm

2mm_diffusion_ MB3.dcm

2mm_MB10_ TR614msec.dcm

2mm_MB12_ TR529msec.dcm

2mm_MB2_IPAT2_ TR2pt5sec.dcm

2mm_MB2_ TR3pt1sec_12ch.dcm

2mm_MB2_ TR3pt1sec.dcm

2mm_MB3_IPAT2_ TR1pt7sec.dcm

2mm_MB3_TR2pt1sec_ 12ch.dcm

2mm_MB4_IPAT2_ TR1pt3sec.dcm

2mm_MB4_ TR1pt5sec.dcm

2mm_MB5_IPAT2_ TR955msec.dcm

2mm_MB6_ TR1sec.dcm

2mm_MB8_ TR785msec.dcm

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