10.5 Tesla/88 cm bore Passively Sheilded

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April 2013 – 10.5T magnet being filled with liquid helium
at Agilent MR manufacturing facility in Yarnton, UK

Siemens MAGNETOM 10.5T

The Siemens MAGNETOM 10.5T is slated for delivery to CMRR in 2013. This magnet will be the world’s first 10.5T whole body human MRI scanner and will pioneer a new level of capabilities needed for advanced biomedical imaging. This revolutionary system was funded by the State of Minnesota, University of Minnesota and National Institute of Health.

  • Magnet (Agilent)
    • Passively shielded
    • Weight: 110 tons
    • bore diameter: 88cm
    • length: 4.1m
    • width: 3.2m
    • Homogeneity: < 0.07 ppm/25cm
    • Ramp time: TBD
    • Temperature: 3K
    • Conductor length: Nb Ti 433 km
  • Whole-body gradients
    • 70 mT/m maximum amplitude
    • 200 T/m/s maximum slew rate
    • 2nd and 3rd-order shims (20A/channel)
    • 60 cm open bore
  • 32 receive channels
  • 16-channel (2kW/channel) RF power amplifier
  • 8 kW broadband RF power amplifier
  • FDA Approved Human Coils
  • Body coils
    • 16ch snake dipole array
  • Head coils
    • 8ch Bumped Dipole
    • 16tx32rx head coil (aka KU32) [pending final SAR numbers and a revised coil file]