Siemens Biograph 64 slice PET/CT

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Contact Jerry Froelich, MD - (612) 626-6900
Joannne Johnson, Nuclear Technologist Supervisor - (612) 626-6586

The Siemens Biograph mCt PET/CT scanner is the most advanced scanner in the state of Minnesota. With an onsite Cyclotron from PetNet, CCIR can deliver the most advance imaging techniques and studies available.

The PET/CT at CCIR is a Siemens Biograph mCt with 64 slice CT high speed scanner, 3D PET TrueV wide detector allowing full list mode (offline and retrospective histogramming and reconstruction) imaging of the brain, HD-PET for higher resolution and 2X contrast, respiratory and cardiac triggering on both PET and CT, CT scanner capable of whole brain perfusion and CTA studies.

PetNet Cyclotron: Onsite cyclotron facility operated by PetNet (Siemens subsidiary). FDA manufacturing facility is certified cGMP facility certified to provide to our facility: F18-FDG, F18-AV45, F18-NaCl, C11, O15 water, C11- as Choline and N-13 ammonia

Inveon Computer processing: 3D Visualization and analysis of multiple static or dynamic volumes of PET, CT or MR modalities. Pharmacokinetic Modeling for pharmacokinetics analysis.

Siemens Syngo.VIA is a local PACS system for management of image related data storage and processing. Scientists will have local and remote WEB access to images for display and processing.

  • Cardiac Ammonia Stress Testing
  • Cardiac Sarcoidosis Studies
  • Cardiac Viability Studies
  • Oncology Studies
  • Whole body scanning with one complete pass
  • Clinical Scans 
  • Research Studies