17.0 Tesla/5 cm bore

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Oxford Instruments

  • Magnet (Agilent)
    • Weight:
    • bore diameter: 5cm
    • length:
    • width:
    • Homogeneity: 1% over 5 mm DSV
    • Ramp time: 1 hour
    • Temperature: room
The magnet design incorporates a very strong field gradient (~ 100 T/m) near the top of the magnet which is necessary for magnetic levitation. Levitation occurs when the magnetic force counterbalances the gravitational force and thus simulates orbital freefall. This instrument will provide a unique environment to process organic and inorganic materials and investigate biological materials, living and non-living, in a simulated microgravity environment. The levitation aspect of the magnet will be used by a consortium of academic and industrial scientists for the implementation of new types of materials processing and biotechnology applications.