Siemens Eclipse HP Shielded Cyclotron

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Nabeel Syed, Pharm D, Facility Manager & QSO - (612) 624-1204

PETNET Solutions

The CMRR facility houses a Siemens Eclipse HP shielded cyclotron which is owned and operated by PETNET Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. This 4,051 sq. ft. facility is PETNET's Twin Cities manufacturing site of medical radioisotopes for University of Minnesota researchers and local hospitals and clinics. PETNET operates an Eclipse HP cyclotron to produce raw radioisotopes. The facility is capable of producing a variety of radioisotopes including Carbon-11, Oxygen-15, Flourine-18, and Ammonia N-13. Underground conduits running between the cyclotron and University research labs provide the ability to conduct research using extremely short-lived isotopes. PETNET currently operates two automated Explora chemistry modules that are used to produce fludeoxyglucose (FDG) (oncology). In addition to the cyclotron and synthesis equipment, the PETNET onsite pharmacy utilizes robotic manipulator arms attached to a hot cell, to handle radioactive materials to minimize radiation exposure during dispensing.