Subject Rooms

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Numerous support rooms are conveniently located in facility for consenting subjects, performing testing procedures and changing into gowns, as well as performing medical procedures, such as starting IV’s, monitoring vitals and administering medical testing.

List of Subject Rooms

Near 3T/7T-AS Scanners

  • 1-122 CMRR Subject Room
  • 1-123 CMRR Subject Room
  • 1-143 CMRR Subject Room (7T-AS)

In Research Nursing Area

  • 1-206C – CMRR Nursing/Subject Room
  • 1-206D – CMRR Nursing/Subject Room
  • 1-206E - CMRR Nursing/Subject Room

In CCIR PET/CT Area (Restricted scheduling)

  • 1-120M - CCIR Nursing/Subject Room
  • 1-120N - CCIR Nursing/Subject Room